• Brand: Nemco
  • Model: B14175

Nemco B14175 Support Legs Tripod Design for Waste Disposer

BusBoy® food waste disposers are built tough ... to work hard and work long in the toughest foodservice environments. That means dependability. And that means fewer headaches for you.

BusBoy® horsepower has proven its strength in commercial kitchens around the world. Sealed shafts prevent motor damage, and noncorrosive parts virtually eliminate the chance of a sudden breakdown. Oversized grinding tables improve speed and reduce motor strain for faster, more efficient grinding. Cast chrome alloys provide maximum grinding performance.

Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Support Legs Tripod Design Fit 1/2 to 1-1/2 HP Models

Please review attached warranty statement.

6 in
6 in
6 in
1 lb
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