• Brand: Nemco
  • Model: 55492-CT

Nemco 55492-CT Shearing Blade for Straight Chip Twister Fry Cutter

Turn an incredible profit with Nemco's versatile Spiral Fry™ PotatoKutter, capable of quickly and efficiently turning any wholesome, inexpensive fresh spud into one of four different specialty fried potato menu items.

Introduced at the dawn of the curly French fry, Nemco's Spiral Fry is keeping pace with the potato evolution. Now, with a quick change of the front plate assembly, you can easily crank out any of these high-margin favorites!

Suggested Uses:
Hot, crispy spiral, ribbon, wavy or chip twister fries make a savory, healthful, high-value presentation that customers love. Spiral Fry affords you the highest profit on every serving, and pays for itself in no time. It's perfect for creating signature-item appetizers, and is a great choice for the bar and lounge too. Plus, blade assemblies are available to quickly and easily cut attractive veggie garnishes (pictured above).

Equipment weight 1 lbs.
Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Please review attached warranty statement.

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