• Brand: Koolatron
  • Model: TW01-BL

These cool speakers are the ultimate in convenience! They are a digital multimedia speaker system for audio devices. Compatible with iPods, MP3 players, CD players and personal computers. Includes a FM auto scan radio. Only weighs 1.2 pounds. Choose from black and white. Both colors produce a cool green glow when in use. UL listed.

Audio Use:

  • Put one end of audio cord to the jack "6", the other end must connect machine audio output jack such as (CD, VCD, MP3,and so on). The radio will turn off automatically
  • Turn the player on play mode, at this time this unit can be used as a multi-media player.
  • Turn the volume circle "2" to suitable volume.
  • If you want to listen to a radio station, pull the audio cord out of the jack.

Power Use:

This unit can only be used with the supplied adapter. Please do not try to use another adapter with this unit, or it will damage the unit.


  • High sensitivity FM auto scan radio
  • Twin speakers
  • Multi-media player
  • Glow light

One Year Limited Warranty

3 in
9 in
11 in
8 lb