• Brand: Jet-Tech
  • Model: 787
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The Absolute Highest Innovation in Ware Washing

How to wash and sanitize in a quick, efficient, economic way and fully comply with today's strict hygienic and sanitation requirements? This is the request of all chefs and bakers today; who in their every-day activity are using baking trays, pots, pans, utensils, baskets, etc, which come into contact with food. Jet-Tech provides an answer to this question with their Series 787 cutting-edge technology warewash equipment.

Whether you operate a bakery, hotel, supermarket, school, meat department, hospital, or laboratory, these highly productive washers will ensure a perfect kitchen ware hygiene; with their specially designed star-shaped wash arms to effectively ensure total coverage and contribute to an impeccable cleanliness. Special baskets and accessories permit the washing of every kind of wares, that is how Total Clean Concept will make your life a whole lot easier!

Model 787

Ideal for large scale washing applications, the 787 comes equipped with a 52" x 27.5" stainless steel basket with a 33.5" door opening. The basket's easy slide guides greatly reduce the effort of their movement for the operator. Three automatic programs ranging from two to ten minute cycle lengths.

Total Clean Concept

The 787 Washer is equipped with deep-drawn inner tanks without welds; which fully complies with the most extreme sanitary rules. The double integrated waste filters retain the largest particles, then carried to collection baskets which are easily removed. Lastly, the internal pumps are self-draining in order to avoid any orders when the machine is shut off.


CRP is the technology developed for end-users that expect absolute perfection. CRP rinse permits you to enjoy consistent quality results; as the rinse water's temperature will not change for the total cycle duration. The water temperature and pressure are guaranteed by a built-in booster; not directly supplied from the incoming water line; but through an intermediate holding tank with a rinsing pump also located within the machine body as standard equipment.

Helping personnel

This washer will ease the tedious cleaning operations at the end of the day thanks to the Total Clean Concept. Operation is intuitive and machine control is made through a soft touch low tension electric panel with a few push buttons, clear pilot lights and digital display to see the washing and rinsing temperatures. The same display also shows the self-diagnostic system's messages which control the main electric components.

Ensuring hygiene

The guarantee of a rinse always at a sanitation temperature is given by the sophisticated electronic Thermostop that doesn't permit the start of this crucial phase if the water isn't at the correct temperature. The double-walled construction and the particular washing circuit's architecture allows for extraordinarily silent operation. The reduction of the consumption of water and chemicals products decreases the impact of every single cycle on the environment. We allow you to comply with HACCP requirements in an easy and economical way.


  • Dimensions: 58" x 33.5" x 75"
  • Rack dimensions: 52" x 27.55"
  • Door opening: 33.46"
  • Total Cycle Time: 3 min - 5.5 min - 10 min
  • Tank Temperature: 165F
  • Booster temperature: 190F
  • Tank Capacity: 34.6 gal
  • Booster Capacity: 4.49 gal
  • Water Consumption: 3.19 gal
  • Fill Water Temperature: 59F-149F
  • Fill Water Pressure: 18-40 lbs
  • Fill hose connection: 3/4" Male hose connection (hose included)
  • Drain hose diameter: 1.5"
  • Motor HP: 2 x 4 HP = 8 HP
  • Voltage: 208V / 60 Hz / 45A / 3 Phase
  • Tank Power: 8000 Watts
  • Booster Power: 8000 Watts
  • Washing Pump Power: 2 x 3000 Watts = 6000 Watts
  • Rinsing Pump Power: 2 x 250 Watts
  • Total Power Load: 14000 Watts