Doyon's PIZ series are the most advanced and productive compact pizza ovens on the market. The unique Jet Air sytems helps you bake 30% to 50% faster and more evenly than traditional deck ovens. These exclusive ovens occupy 40% to 50% less floor space for the same production. Preheats in 15 to 20 minutes or less at the start of the day and will bake your pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes at 460° F (238° C). The heat provided from the nickel coated perforated deck makes a nice even crust thanks to the air moving through the holes and from the heat of the metal deck itself. You can remove a product and put another one at the same place without concern about cold spots you get from traditional deck ovens. Reduce your energy costs by more than 50% compared to a deck oven.The air is recycled and the heating system will be on about 60% of the time because of it's high efficiency. The PIZ series is priced at half the price of conveyor ovens. It takes less floor space, offers greater menu flexibility and higher quality baking results. The PIZ series is priced a little higher then traditional deck ovens but it makes up the difference in increased production, better performance, energy and labor savings

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200 lb