• Brand: Koolatron
  • Model: MK06
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The MK06 Attractants to Mosquitoes:

  • CARBON DIOXIDE produced during TiO2 process
  • 1\4 Acre Coverage
  • Specific UV wavelength attractive to blood seeking insects produced by the photocatalyst bulb
  • Octenol boost as a further attractant (PMRA Approved). Blood seeking flying insects are drawn to the unit by the 4 key attractants and pulled into a capture net within the machine where they quickly dehydrate and die. Easy to clean capture trap net
  • Powerful fan sucks flying insects to the capture cup where they dehydrate and die
  • Large insect filter included to trap moths and larger flying insects - easy to clean


  • Covers up to 1\4 acre
  • Compact Design
  • No Assembly Required
  • UV Bulb Included
  • Octenol Cartridge Included
  • Adapter Included
  • Includes S-hook for tree or hook hanging
12.60 in
13.70 in
13.70 in
13 lb