• Brand: Tomlinson
  • Model: 1036475

These cut resistant gloves are the ultimate defense against abrasions and lacerations. Stainless Steel Mesh gloves meet OSHA requirements for meat and poultry processing applications in the foodservice industry. Each 4.2 mm AISI type 316 stainless steel ring is individually welded for unsurpassed strength. These cut resistant gloves feature a taper-fit design that conforms to the hand, decreasing fatigue while increasing productivity. Stainless steel mesh gloves are USDA accepted and UL listed.

Steel Closure Style

Ultra-hygiene plus puncture protection in these cut resistant gloves. Stainless steel mesh gloves have no fabric straps to catch bacteria, wear out or deteriorate during cleaning and sanitizing. Patented wrist fastener design provides a comfortable, secure fit on these safety gloves. Reversible design fits either right or left hand.