• Brand: Curtis
  • Model: TLXA2203G000

Keep your coffee hot, fresh and flavorful with this 2.2 L ThermoPro™ Airpot (TLXA2203G000) from Curtis. The vacuum sealed container keeps fresh brewed coffee tasting fresh brewed so that every cup, down to the last drop is just as good as the last. The stylish black plastic looks good in any setting and the glass liner holds heat exceptionally well for long lasting freshness. Café's, restaurants and caterers can quickly set up self-serve stations with this airpot without having to worry about the coffee getting cold or stale and the highly portable design features a large carrying handle with a swivel base and a lockable lever pump that reduces the chance of accidentally dispensing during transport or display.


  • Large carrying handle
  • Lockable lever pump
  • Fully removable top and pump
  • Glass liner
30 lb