• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2528

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Glaze Pop started the sweet popcorn trend! We are rewriting the book on sweet popcorn. It started in the 1980's with Glaze Pop and has grown worldwide. 1 - 50 lb box.

Glaze Pop has been around for over 15 years now, but it is still "the hidden treasure" because of the number of locations where popcorn is popped continues to grow yet only salted popcorn is being offered. Caramel popcorn has seen a resurgence over the years, and there is no doubt people love the taste of this type of candy popcorn. Glaze Pop is not a substitue, but is a way for many locations to offer a product that has a similar lighter taste. Basically, every location that has a popcorn popper can become a mini "Popcorn Shop" operation, offering different flavors of pocorn with little to no additional equipment investment.

What is Glaze Pop? Glaze Pop is a colored and flavored sugar product that gives popcorn a "light coating" and is one quarter of the amount of sugar used on candy coated popcorn. As the popcorn pops the kernels that pop first will have a heavier coating and as the popcorn continues the amount of coating on the kernals is less and less as the cycle finishes. So, overall there is a varying level of coating giving you a light sweet taste that can be sold to a wider range of clientele who may not have a real "Sweet tooth" for regular candy popcorn. Glaze Pop does have the aroma that can attract customers. In fact, the aroma can bring in more customers than the smell of regular salted popcorn. It is that good!

How is Glaze Pop made? Glaze Pop can be made in any popcorn machine, but having a Gold Medal popper with an EZ Kleen kettle will lessen the carbon build up and make the kettle easier to clean. When popping, it is important to add the oil and popcorn first, making sure the oil is completely melted before adding the Glaze Pop. This allows the product to melt in the oil and not get direct heat from the kettle. Add half the amount of Glaze Pop as you do popcorn. For example, in a 6 oz kettle you would add 3-4 ounces. As the kernals pop, the ones that pop first will have a heavier coating and the kernals will have less and less coating as popping begins to slow. Do not wait until the last kernal pops as with salt. Instead, as the popping slows, dump the kettle to avoid any axcess burning or smoke. Since the sugar on the kernals is still hot, it is important to screen the popcorn a little to cool it before serving or packaging.

Can I make Glaze Pop and Salted Popcorn in the same kettle? Yes you can. Since there is some sugar residue left in the kettle, the easiest way to give it a quick clean up is to put a small measure of water in the kettle while it is still hot. Use just enough to fill the bottom of the kettle. Leave the motor on and let it steam the kettle for a few minutes. Then dump the water into a bowl and wipe off the inside kettle and lids when the kettle is cool enough to touch. After this, you can go back to popping salty popcorn. We do suggest using Gold Medal's Heat-N-Kleen kettle cleaner on a daily basis when popping Glaze Pop. This product prevents carbon build up and helps improve the popping performance of the kettle.

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