• Brand: Curtis
  • Model: 70280100206

The Curtis Crystalline glass bowl is stronger, clearer, more comfortable and leak-proof. Made in the U.S.A. by Schott, these glass bowls are produced from a highly-polished mold, superior materials and finished with a proprietary annealing process. This results in a superior tempered glass bowl with a solid and consistent wall thickness throughout the entire sphere. The Curtis Crystalline is incredibly break-resistant and sparklingly clear. Logo on Decanter Bowls: Use & Care Instructions Only. Case of 24.


  • Impact Resistant − Independent testing labs prove Curtis superior. On average proving to be 25% stronger. Dimensionally accurate, lab-quality Schott German glass.
  • No “O” Rings or Glue Sealants − Patented multi-tooth, non-removable conical interlock mechanism with vinyl sealing gaskets. This provides for long-term performance without the need for sealants or glues to attach the bowl to the handle or degrade and leach into product.
  • Robust Polypropylene Handles − Impact resistant, break proof, chemical resistant and dishwasher safe. Extended handle design and ergonomic standoff provide protection from hot glass during gripping, serving tilt, replacement and un-gripping.
  • Baked-On Graphics − Logos won't chip, peel or flake. Provides longer service life with “like-new” look.
45 lb
Service Manual
Cleaning Manual
Product Brochure and Specifications