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Gold Medal 4191 Onion Batter Mix, 30 lbs

30 lb bag of Onion Batter Mix. Ingredient Update - Partially Hydrogenated Oil has been taken out of ...

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Gold Medal 5018 Old Fashioned Belgian Waffle Mix 6-5 lb Bags

This Gold Medal 5018 "Old Fashioned" belgian waffle mix is an easy-to-use mix that's sure to please!...

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Gold Medal 5107 Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix, 25lb.

The Gold Medal original recipe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake mix has become the favorite funnel cak...

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Gold Medal 5113 Corn Dog Mix 25lbs

This Gold Medal 5113 corn dog mix is exactly what you need to get that familiar batter-dipped taste!...

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Gold Medal 5116 Dipsy Dog Mix 6/5lb Bags/CS

Dipsy Dog Corn Dog Mix, sweet mix, 5 lb. cartons, 6 per case. Dipsy Dog is considered a "sweet" mix ...

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Gold Medal 5117 Pronto Pup Mix 50lb Bag

Pronto Pup Corn Dog Mix, 50 lb. bag. There is a certain group who prefers this mix. It s a little le...

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Gold Medal 5519 Chocolate Dip Coating 40lb Tub

This dip is specially compounded to work with a slightly warmed waffle. Adheres in a relatively thin...

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Gold Medal 8011 French Waffle Mix 6-5lb Bags

French Waffles are called by many names - Sugar Waffles, Rosecakes, Rosettas, Circus Waffles, and ma...

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Gold Medal 8027 Frying Saucer Mix 24-11oz Bags

This is fried dough at its finest. Elephant Ears - or Frying Saucers - are made by frying a large 12...

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Gold Medal 8028 Cinnamon Topping Mix 35lb

Elephant Ears are large 12 discs of fried dough, smothered with butter and cinnamon sugar that peopl...

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Gold Medal 8100 Bacon Puff Pellets 80 lbs

Bacon Puffs remain a popular item. They've been around for years as Pork Rinds, Cracklins, or Bacon ...

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Gold Medal 8209 Old Fashioned Vanilla Waffle Cone Mix 6/5 lb Bags

An industry favorite for taste, aroma, and quality, the Gold Medal 8209 Old Fashioned waffle cone mi...

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