• Brand: Zumex
  • Model: 04873-GRAPHITE BLACK
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Think Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice!

Think Big Profits!

There is nothing quite like serving a large glass of 100% freshly squeezed orange juice. Customers want and love the healthy, natural taste of fresh squeezed juice. Your sales will increase, as will your profits!

Zumex offers 5 unique models of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juicers with the “Fastest Gear System” in the industry. The efficient squeezing technology offers the fastest cycle of squeezing, extracting, straining and discarding of waste imaginable.

The secret to the phenomenal speed is the high tech processing gears, the micro-jagged stainless steel blade that slices and the high impact plastic convex that perfectly extract the orange's juice without any trace of the bitter peel oil.

The OJ100 - Processes 14 Oranges per minute

  • Hopper Capacity: 6 Lbs. of Oranges
  • Flow Rate: 24 oz. - 45 oz. per minute
  • Maximum Cup Clearance: 6 5/"
  • Small Footprint: 18 1/" Wide
  • Ideal for medium to large size restaurants and health food shops

ZuMex's Industry Leading Features

  • Avoid Long Lines - The Orange squeezing process is fast and efficient.
  • Pro Series - Automatic version available with automatic startup when it detects a fruit moving through the feeder without the need to press any button (ideal for a self-service buffet and restaurant), equipped with orange counter.
  • Seeing is Believing - Dazzle your customers with the visual effects of feeding, slicing, squeezing, extracting, straining and discarding of peel all in one rapid cycle.
  • Automatic Feeders - Oranges are automatically fed into the machine quickly and efficiently.
  • Micro-Jagged Slicing Blade- Strong enough to slice the toughest peel. Heavy duty stainless steel is combined with sharp uneven blade edges giving you a clean slice through the orange.
  • Efficient Squeezing Technology - By using a series of plastic convex balls, all the juice is extracted from the Orange. This technology assures you the greatest yield of juice per orange.
  • Avoid The Bitter Peel Taste - Because the peel never comes in contact with the juice, you will always serve fresh sweet juice.
  • Large Peel Bucket - Once the juice is extracted, the peels are automatically discarded into the peel bucket.
  • Compact - Requires minimum counter or floor space.
  • Safety Cut-out Double Detector System - Safety is number one priority with The Orange Squeezers. This ensures that the machine will stop working once the door opens.
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean - No tools required. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe components.


  • Fruit Output per minute: 14
  • Width: 18 1/2"
  • Depth: 19"
  • Height: 34 3/4"
  • Feeder Capacity: 6 Oranges
  • Electrical: 120V, 60 HZ, Single Phase
  • Warranty: 5 years limited warrant - These new warranty conditions are linked directly to product registration via our website. In order to receive an additional 3 year warranty, the end customer must register the machine within a period of 3 months from the date of purchase
100 lb
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