• Brand: Tomlinson
  • Model: 1030212

Tomlinson Richlite Pizza Board 26" x 18" Round w/ 12 Slicing Guides

Slice perfect 12" slices with the Richlite round pizza board with 12 slice guides to ensure even cutting by Tomlinson. Made of resin-impregnated wood fiber, Richlite surfaces are heat-resistant up to 200°F for 30 minutes in an oven, or indefinitely under heat lamps. This heat-resistant cutting board is perfect for holding hot pots, fry baskets and skillets (up to 400°F) while cooling. Heat resistant cutting boards are also great as steam tables or carving boards. Their low absorbency means they won't transfer odors, and their dense surface protects knives and helps resist dulling. NSF certified. Also, serve up your pizza on Richlite pizza peels and pizza boards.

Case Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 1/4" thick



20 lb