Snowie continues to innovate and improve upon seemingly perfect products and that's why Snowie is the engine; the driving force in the shaved ice industry across the globe. Never satisfied with what is, forever imagining what could be. Always leading the way with revolutionary and unheard of products that change the shaved ice market forever. It's no surprise Snowie re-designed and re-engineered a seemingly perfect machine, the Little Snowie 1, and the result is simply remarkable: The Little Snowie 2. Modeled after Snowie's unstoppable commercial shavers but affordably priced for the home, office, backyard pool, whatever the destination; Little Snowie 2 is ready to impress and is the fastest, most impressive home ice shaver in the world. People travel to Hawaii for the quality of shaved ice, which you can now create in your own home from this mini powerhouse. Its sleek design is visually pleasing while sophisticated & functional; equipped with a motor activated lid and twice the ice capacity than the Little Snowie 1. This is one kitchen appliance you'll never hide behind a cabinet-door!

  • Ice so nice & fluffy, you'll think it came from the sky
  • Use ice cubes right from your freezer!
  • IT’S FAST! Fills an 8 oz cup in 5 seconds or less!
  • It's light enough for a child to carry; less than 8 lbs
  • It's ridiculously EASY & FUN TO USE!
  • High speed commercial motor; 1 year warranty
  • Holds 2x more ice than its predecessor (approx 64 oz)
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 13"
Snowie Max comes with the following:
  • Little Snowie Max
  • 6 Assorted Flavor Power Sticks
  • 2 Mixing Bottles
  • 8 Snowie Shovels
  • 2 Pours Spouts

40 lb