• Brand: Koolatron
  • Model: P25
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Koolatron P-25 Fun-Kool Thermoelectric Cooler has a 24 litre capacity just plug it into any 12 volt power receptacle. Koolatron Fun Kool cooler plugs right into your 12V car light socket and uses thermoelectric cooling to keep your cans at a temperature up to 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) below ambient levels. This Fun Kool cooler uses absolutely NO ICE or CFCs. This model features a locking flip-up handle for your grab-and-go convenience as well as a storage compartment for the power cord.

KOOLATRON is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of portable electronic cooler/ warmers for recreational and multi-purpose use. Hundreds of thousands have been sold worldwide. A construction of hard impact resistant plastic separated by urethane foam insulation provides maximum insulation.

The Thermoelectric module (Peltier device), no bigger than a matchbook, actually delivers the cooling power of a 10 pound block of ice (without the wet).

After 30 years of rigorous testing in space and laboratory applications, KOOLATRON was the first manufacturer to make this technology available to everyone in the form of a fully portable, lightweight, refrigerator and warmer which plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car, camper, boat, truck, aircraft, snowmobile ....in fact, anywhere with a 12 volt power outlet.

    Ideal for most outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating, picnics, tailgate parties, perfect at "little league" games.
    Whether it's a short outing or a long trip, Koolatron is the perfect way to ensure fresh food and chilled beverages anytime and anywhere. Or use it to keep infant food and bottles warm.
    You don't have to go directly home with perishable meats, frozen foods etc.
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    Koolatron will prove invaluable as the ideal "extra fridge" in the family room or recreation room or as the basement/garage bar, great for barbecues, parties and seasonal feasts when the Kitchen refrigerator is overloaded.
    Keep food and drinks cold in your own dormitory room. Save money versus the meal plans.
    May be used to transport medical samples, temperature sensitive drugs or other products. (inquire about our #PC3 which can be calibrated to maintain a specific temperature).
    A special heater only version of our product (160 degF. 71deg.C) is used by meals on wheels programs across the country to bring hot meals to seniors and other shut ins. COMMERCIAL.......To transport food and beverage samples, (fresh or frozen), and thermal sensitive chemicals.
    Highly successful in storing heat sensitive camera and film equipment in extreme climates.
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