• Brand: Koolatron
  • Model: AC16

Product Information

Koolatron power adapter provide 12 volt power to your cooler anywhere there is a normal electrical outlet. Power other 12 volt accessories up to 5 amps power draw.

Details & Specifications

Use the cooler as a bar fridge, or in the garage for a cold drink while working in the yard. Load the cooler for a picnic or road trip the night before and leave it plugged into the koolatron power adapter, then transfer to the car in the morning for a quick get-a-way. Students can use their coolers in their dorm rooms.

There are two models of koolatron Power Adapter to choose from depending upon the Voltage of the electricity supply in your country.

110 Volt Power Adapter AC-15 U.S.A & Canada

What can you power with a Koolatron Power adapter?

  • Koolatron Power adapter and other 12 Volt DC thermoelectric coolers
  • Koolatron 12 Volt DC Massager
  • Koolatron lights and fans
  • Other 12 Volt DC accessories that consume LESS than 5 amps.

Koolatron Power Adapter Features

It's lightweight, solid state construction with automatic reset circuit breaker to protect against over load or over charge.

2 lb