• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2396-00-120

Hot, hot, hot - that's what you want your topping to be, for better flavor and easier dispensing. Designed specifically for operator-side use, this lighted dispenser features a rack and controls that are enclosed in a stainless cabinet to keep your product warm and fluid. Under-the-counter heated tubing moves product directly up to the plate-mounted head (longer heater lines are available for mounting far from dispensing head). Shown with two heads sold as one.


  • Forced air heating system controls temperature of cabinet to 125°F - 130°F
  • Foil heater in pedestal assures dispense temperature of 110°F - 130°F
  • Stainless steel cabinet holds two boxes of topping
  • Easy cleaning
  • Just pump sanitizer to clean
  • Stainless steel drip tray is included
  • Tower is 4.125"W x 13.5"D x 22.375"H
  • Rack is 13"W x 18"D x 24"H
  • Enclosed Cabinets are 13"W x 21.75"D x 27.5"H
28 in
13 in
16 in
125 lb