• Brand: Elmeco
  • Model: FC2

First Class Millennium is the slush machine that goes beyond the future. The already advanced functions of First Class were further implemented with the new electronics that makes it easier for the user to approach the new machine functions.Main characteristics are:

  • density control
  • more “easy to read” alarms
  • emergency and backup procedures
  • date & time
  • part number memorization
  • first 24 hours operation date memorization
  • operation hours counting
  • “low level” control
  • “defrost” function
  • max time between two subsequent cleaning procedures control
  • “automatic block” period setting
  • “critical temperature” control

A Reprogrammable Core. Thanks to the “Programming Module” (optional) First Class Millennium, can be reprogrammed with the functions set up in our factory according to the needs of the user or of a machine cluster manager; for example: defrost time, date and time (for different time zones), automatic block times. Thanks to the new “Machine module” electronic interface, the machine control software can be subsequently upgraded by simply connecting it to a computer through a dedicated software. This operation grants that today’s investment will be safeguarded for long, thanks to the possibility to have a machine that is always behind the times.

9.50 in
22 in
30.75 in
114 lb
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