• Brand: Cretors
  • Model: TGSBE32C1D-XX-7XCC

Cretors Twin Giant Cooling Bin with Fan, Electric 32oz Popper, 120/240V/1PH/60HZ, Salted Corn, Standard Digital Control, CMD50 Caramelizer, Pump Caddy, Oil Pump

The caramelizer is mounted on an existing or custom built Cretors popping table or cooling bin. Mixing baffles in the caramelizer simplify the coating process. Popcorn is cooled in a uniform manner, product clumps less and breakage is reduced during the cooling process. Optional built in blowers send cool air up through the perforated stainless steel receiving tray for quicker cooling time. The corn chute allows easy transfer of coated popcorn from receiving tray to storage containers.

Electrical: 120/208V/60HZ; 8450 Watts
Dimensions:33.75"D x 83"W x 66.00H
Shipping: 37"D x 85"W x 69"H

250 lb
Ship Freight Only