• Brand: Grindmaster
  • Model: MODEL A

Model A Dispenses directly into a brew basket (up to 8.75 in diameter). Model C Dispenses into a stainless steel cup. Dispense Perfect Portions with no mess, waste or bridging. Easy Dispenser Adjustments save on coffee and labor. Six Pound High Density Lexan Hopper holds up to 6 pounds of fresh ground coffee. Easy Dispenser Adjustments. Constructed of Stainless Steel. Six Pound High Density Lexan Hopper. Dispense Consistent Measures of Coffee by Just Pulling a Knob. Brew Funnel Fits Right Into Al-Lens Dispenser for Direct Mess-Free Dispensing. Recommended Use: Drip or Coarse Ground Coffee Portion Size: 1.5 to 3.25 ounces.

11.25 in
9.25 in
18.50 in
14 lb