• Brand: Grindmaster
  • Model: 4K-GB-LD

Simply push a button for rich, creamy, hot Cappuccino.

Cecilware leads the way in the highly profitable and growing category with it's “GB” series of Automatic Cappuccino Dispensers. Setting the standard for quality, reliability, Cecilware also leads the way in variety with over 47 different models and styles to choose from. Enjoy Phenomenal profit from a cappuccino dispenser in virtually any location where coffee is served. Cecilware's variety offers you the right dispenser at the right price. If you caN't find what you are looking for, or have any questions, give our knowledgeable, friendly staff a call toll-free at 1-866-411-2832. This machine has a lighted door.

What makes Cecilware #1 in Cappuccino?

  • Fast Flow Technology- Dispenses Cappuccino 30% faster, reducing Cappuccino lines and wear and tear on major dispenser components.
  • Vacuum Steam Removal System (VSRS)- Insures that the powdered mix will remain dry to eliminate clogging, caking and bridging
  • Uniquely Designed Water Tank- Maintains perfect brew temperature readiness at all times.
  • Removable Moisture & Powder Collection Tray- Catches Excess cappuccino powder before it reaches the vacuum motor keeping the dispenser in top working condition.
  • No splash Drip Tray- Helps prevent hot cappuccino from splashing onto the back wall keeping your dispenser clean.
  • Direct Drive Auger System- Insures perfect hopper alignment and "silent running."
  • “Power Whip”- Carefully whips the Cappuccino into a delicious, creamy drink.
  • Quick Change Transparency- Simply lift up the tabs and pull out the graphics. Also gives you instant access to light bulbs and starters.
  • Flexible Dispensing- capable of handling various cup sizes- 8." cup clearance handles tallest 20 oz. cups.
  • Product Integrity Guaranteed- Individual product hoppers and dispense chambers prevent mixing of different products.
  • Largest Lighted Graphics- Beautifully designed, back lit color graphics to aid in merchandising cappuccino

Easy Cleaning and Service

  • Self Cleaning Feature- Rinse system is touch button easy and rinses the entire whipper chamber with hot water at the end of each cycle.
  • A Service Breeze- All components and adjustments are readily accessible for easy, in-place service. All parts requiring regular cleaning can be removed by hand.

Optional Features

  • Hot/cold Dispense- This option enables one hopper on any 2, 3 or 4 hopper unit to dispense product intended for either hot or cold service.
  • Automatic Portion Control- Allows an operator to dispense Cappuccino into a predetermined size cup.

Product Specifications

This model is a pour-over model. This is Cecilware's answer where water connections are not possible. Place a 3-6 gallon water bottle on top of the dispenser, let the pour-over do the rest or simply pour water into the reservoir and you are on your way to making profits. Completely versatile dispenser designed to fully operate as an automatic, pour-over or with bottled water.

  • Hopper Capacity-4 lbs.
  • Height- 34"
  • Width- 15"
  • Water Tank/Reservoir-4.2 gal.
  • Burst Capacity-78
  • Shipping Weight-100 lbs.
100 lb